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Best Place To Live For Climate Change

If you’re looking for a climate-friendly city, consider moving to Sacramento. This California city has one of the lowest climate risk and extreme index ratings. And with 33 state plans for climate action, it’s also one of the most climate-resilient. Sacramento, however, was ranked third in the study.


The City of Sacramento is leading the charge in fighting climate change. The mayors’ commission on climate change recently completed a two-year effort and issued a comprehensive report. The report contains strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve community health, and reduce air pollution. The report also recommends aggressively expanding “active transportation,” which helps reduce air pollution and greenhouse gases. Transportation contributes to nearly one-third of the state’s GHG emissions. The state should develop policies that will encourage the shift to clean, renewable energy.

Sacramento is the best place to live for climate change

Sacramento is one of the fastest-growing big cities in the country. Its FY 2035 General Plan aims to make the city one of the most livable places in the United States. This is particularly important given the growing threat of climate change. The report cites numerous climate-related challenges facing Sacramento.

Sacramento is the third best place to live for climate change

The city is not alone in being concerned with climate change, and has taken steps to protect its residents. A recent report by Quicken Loans listed 10 cities that have taken steps to help the environment and combat climate change. Of these, six are in California, including Sacramento. The report also highlighted Sacramento’s climate action plan, a community-wide effort that aims to reduce water use, reduce air pollution, and improve the quality of life for its residents.

San Jose is the third best place to live for climate change

San Jose is a climate-friendly city that is working to curb emissions. In fact, the city was chosen to be part of the American Cities Climate Challenge. The challenge aims to reduce emissions and uphold Paris climate commitments. Its climate-analog maps show future climate changes for more than 500 North American cities.

Wichita is the fourth best place to live for climate change

Wichita, Kansas, is a city that has been recognized as a city that is resilient to climate change. The city’s average temperature is 79 degrees, making it moderately climate-change-friendly, according to the 2011 Sustainability Rankings by Tufts University professors Carolyn Johnson and Peter Portney. The study also looked at policies and initiatives in the 55 largest U.S. cities, and found that those cities are promoting clean air and water, local food programs, local businesses, and economic development.

El Paso

El Paso, Texas, is known for its hot summers and short, cold winters. The hottest month is June, when the temperature averages 95 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, January averages a cool 30 degrees. The coldest months are October and January, when the temperature is mild.


Madison, Wisconsin, is one of the best cities for a green lifestyle. The city is well-connected to the Great Lakes, which helps mitigate the effects of extreme heat events. Its city government is also doing its part to protect the city’s natural resources. In fact, Madison has been named one of the best places to live for climate change, according to Rolling Stone.

San Jose

Climate change is becoming a major issue for cities across the world, and San Jose is doing its part to combat it. In a recent report by Quicken Loans, the city ranked first out of ten cities tackling the problem. Six of these cities are in California, with Sacramento topping the list and Fremont and Oakland taking second place. In addition, San Jose has a climate action plan known as Climate Smart San Jose, which aims to reduce air pollution and water usage.

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