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Is Chattanooga a Good Place to Live?

If you’re looking for a new home, you’re probably wondering, “Is Chattanooga a good place to live?” The city has a thriving downtown and many attractions, including the Tivoli Theater and Memorial Auditorium. It also has an excellent public school system. You’ll be glad you decided to move here if you’re looking for a place where you can raise a family.

Downtown Chattanooga

If you’re looking for a fun and cosmopolitan area, you might consider living in downtown Chattanooga. This city is filled with unique bars and clubs. You can check out Westbound Bar, Flying Squirrel Bar, Backstage Bar, Mean Mug, and Southside Social to name a few. Downtown Chattanooga is also a great place to enjoy live music, especially at the Tivoli Theater and Memorial Auditorium.

While city living isn’t for everyone, there are many benefits to living in Chattanooga. For instance, the city has a healthy economy and is an excellent place for retirees. It has a variety of neighborhoods and lifestyle options, including affordable housing.

Tivoli Theater

Located in the heart of the historic district, Tivoli Theatre is a popular place to live, work, and visit. Opened in 1921, the Tivoli is a jewel of the south. The theatre is famous for bringing the best theater productions to the South.

The Tivoli Theatre is the premier venue for live entertainment in Chattanooga. The city’s city council approved a $42 million plan to renovate and expand the theater. In addition, the Tivoli Theatre Foundation purchased an adjacent building, the Tivoli Center. This building will feature 56,000 square feet of retail space, patron lounges, and a rooftop bar.

The city is also home to the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Auditorium, which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. The theater has been home to Broadway shows, music concerts, comedy shows, and community events. The theater is located in downtown Chattanooga.

Memorial Auditorium

In 1985, the city of Chattanooga opened the Memorial Auditorium. This historic building, which has become a center of civic life, was built for concerts and other events. The new Chattanooga Convention and Trade Center eliminated the need for a full-fledged all-purpose hall, and the Memorial Auditorium focused on being a mid-sized concert venue and theater. The building was built thanks to the hard work of civic and veterans organizations and the efforts of former Mayor Robert Kirk Walker. The city raised $5 million in public funds for the building, and nearly $2 million in private donations.

If you love live music, then Chattanooga is the place for you. You can enjoy concerts at the Memorial Auditorium or at the Tivoli Theater. These theaters are both known for hosting nationally known performers.


There are numerous schools in Chattanooga. Some of them serve children from preschool to college, while others serve children with special needs. Some are state-funded while others offer private, tuition-free education. These schools can be helpful for families with special needs children. Some of these schools have excellent reputations in the community.

The Christian School of Chattanooga is one of the best private schools in the city, providing a Christian education in a beautiful setting. The school has been serving Christian families for more than 50 years. Students can take advantage of the new Lower School building, which features a large STEM room and new student spaces. The school is dedicated to meeting students’ needs and helping them achieve their potential. The school also offers financial aid and extended hours.

Chattanooga State Community College has a number of certificate programs in various fields. These programs are student-friendly and often require only a short time to complete. They cover everything from basic care skills to more advanced techniques. The teachers and trainers at the school are some of the best in the state. These educators will be able to help students get the jobs they want.


While Chattanooga is a large city, the city has a unique blend of old-world charm and the perks of a small Southern town. With its beautiful natural scenery, this city is a great choice for those who want a relaxed lifestyle, great food, and plenty of employment opportunities. Here are some things to consider when looking for an apartment in Chattanooga. To begin, it’s important to understand the demographics of this city. Most residents are in the 25 to 34-age demographic.

According to Zumper’s National Rent Index, Chattanooga’s median rent is 18.2% below the national average of $1,393. It is the 59th most expensive city in the U.S., with a two-bedroom apartment averaging $1,290 a month.

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