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Why Are Houses So Cheap In Laurel Mississippi?

Whether you are looking for a cheap house in Laurel or are just curious about the place, this article will give you some insights into the city and its economy. Laurel is a small town, but it has plenty to offer. It’s convenient to New Orleans, the Mississippi Coast, Birmingham, and Jackson. It’s likely that Laurel will become a prosperous suburb in the next 30 years. It’s got a nice, likeable couple, and a great location.

Laurel has a small population

The median price of a home in Laurel is $74,500, which is about $100,000 below the national average. The median monthly mortgage payment in Laurel is $961. Laurel is home to 47% owner-occupied households, and only 21% of homes were built after 1990. Homes in Laurel tend to be medium to large, with three or more bedrooms.

Laurel has some historic buildings that date back to the early 1900s. The Laurel Mercantile, which opened in 1901, has been renovated by Ben and Erin Napier. The store features their signature collection and Erin’s artwork. The city also boasts a Scotsman General, a store that has been open for almost 50 years. The city is home to a variety of restaurants and shops, and residents can visit local art galleries and enjoy a day of local music.

It has a good location

There are a few reasons for the low price of homes in Laurel, Mississippi. First of all, Laurel is home to some nice industries. It is also convenient to many places, including New Orleans, the Mississippi Coast, Birmingham, and Jackson. In the next thirty years, Laurel will be a wealthy suburb with a thriving business environment. Second of all, Laurel has a wonderful couple that makes life in Laurel very pleasant.

Third, a low-interest rate makes it easier to afford a larger home. As long as interest rates stay low, you can afford a larger home for the same monthly payment. And lastly, a low-cost mortgage means that the sellers can field multiple offers from qualified buyers.

It has a lot of restaurants

Laurel Mississippi is a tourist destination that has many different types of restaurants. While the downtown area is home to many great restaurants, it is also the home of Mississippi’s first art museum, the Lauren Rogers Museum of Art. The area is also home to many family-friendly events and activities.

The downtown area of Laurel is filled with original buildings and green spaces, which transport visitors back to a simpler time. The downtown area is also surrounded by new businesses and a steady stream of tourists and cars. Despite the growing number of restaurants and shops in the downtown area, it is easy to imagine yourself in another era.

It has a lot of shops

Whether you’re looking for gifts or just souvenirs, Laurel has something for everyone. A variety of shops sell everything from Laurel-themed tchotchkes to stationary and seasonal decorations. The city also has several places to buy books. The Bookstore in the Window is one of the best places to buy books in Laurel.

Visiting Laurel and Jones County is a great way to spend a day. You can explore the town’s different districts, where you’ll find everything from eclectic gift shops to name-brand stores. For a taste of local culture, head to Downtown Laurel and 16th Avenue. The streets are lined with unique shops and boutiques that offer everything from clothing to furniture to antiques.

It has a lot of murals

In Downtown Laurel, Mississippi, you will find many murals. One of the most popular murals in Laurel was created by local artist Erin Napier. She is the owner of Lucky Luxe Couture Correspondence and has been featured in Brides Magazine. Her incredible design work has also been featured on Martha Stewart Weddings.

Located north of Hattiesburg, Laurel, Mississippi is a small town that is ideal for tourists. The town is a perfect escape from New Orleans. It has a picturesque downtown and charming streetscapes. The residents here are friendly, smile and greet visitors with open arms. They are proud of their town, and it shows in their jovial attitudes and warmth.

It has nice industries

Laurel, Mississippi, is a town that was once known as a lumber town. The lumber barons carefully planned this city with wide streets, parks and amenities. However, during the 1990s, Laurel began to deteriorate. Previously thriving downtown businesses were closed, and many of the older, more beautiful homes were empty. This prompted a grass-roots movement to revitalize the town. Even before the HGTV show Home Town aired, community members worked to attract new businesses, raise awareness through social media, and apply for grants.

Laurel, MS has an economy that employs a variety of industries, including Health Care & Social Assistance, Manufacturing, and Retail Trade. Although some residents work in other industries in the area, these three sectors make up the largest portion of the city’s economy. Manufacturing and Retail Trade are the largest industries in Laurel, MS, employing over 2,000 people. Healthcare and Social Assistance employs approximately 390 people in the city.

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